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THE BABY LOVED IT! so CLEVER, GENIUS. DADDY & DAUGHTER had bonding time with a newspaper.HAD TO BUY ANOTHER ONE TO ADD TO COLLECTION.HAVE YOU SEEN THESE? such a good idea. Babies will love, they make a noise like a paper.haven't seen one of those for years! aren't they lovely. never seen nothing like it. Haven't got any baby to buy for but wish i had. BEST GIFT I EVER BOUGHT. Ah I used to have one. THAT's LENNY, our dog (new title). ah look mini newspapers, how cute is that! I can't decide, I like them all.what a brilliant idea. VERY NICE. A little piece of vintage magic. HA,HA brilliant.

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expected March.... includes all titles and the new Ireland, Scottish Isles, Counting in Space and the Unicorns are back!

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Ivy and Arlo in Leeds - a beautiful independent shop in Horsforth selling gifts and clothing for little ones. Rainbow Sensory an online retailer based in Telforth, selling bundles of sensory based gif