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Golden Times

grandma golden.jpg

In memory of  'Great Grandma' 1926-2021



A tactile cloth book for

ages 0-100+ years!

A comforting book for

reminiscing and relaxation.

Popular songs titles combined with beautiful nostalgic

inked illustrations.

This book has been designed as

a cloth book for older people to

share with friends, family and grandchildren.

Older people can reminisce

whilst engaging with curiosity

of children.

The popular song titles and

traditionally styled illustrations are just enough to initiate conversation and the joy of singing together. 

The tactile pages are easy and safe

to hold. It has been proven that people living with dementia also like the feel of the crinkly pages.

Makes a perfect unique gift for all ages 0-100+ years!

There are currently two titles

in this series.

Golden Times - Words

Golden times - Songs

Approx size: 25mm x 30mm 

Washable peach skin fabric.

6 pages, CE tested and washable.

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