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The newspaper has been around for decades and despite our ever changing technology it’s still a part of daily lives. TV and digital social media still make daily discussions about 'what the papers are saying!' However, one day a newspaper could be a symbolic piece of our history. In fact my dad always had a fascination with newspapers. He would always ask friends to bring him back a newspaper if they went travelling.


I spent years creating new children's books formats. Always wanting to create a book with a unique selling point. I love all the old traditional toys so I thought I would reinvent the cloth book and give it a bit more interest. I wanted it to be papery, but not paper so I sourced a 'crinkle material' used in children's toys. I wanted it to look and sound like a newspaper without ending up a soggy, chewed, inky mess! So I created a crinkly newspaper for babies and called it Nursery Times.

I teamed up with illustrator, Nicola Moore and together we began creating some newspaper titles. We created a nice look and I wrote some simple rhyming text. We developed a good working format and began designing, printing and hand making the books ourselves and selling them at The Frome Independent market.  As they became increasingly popular we extended the range to 10 titles and hired a reputable company in China to make our first mass production. The finished product has been made using crinkle plastic between a soft peach skin fabric. The colours are clear and vibrant and each page is sewn to perfection. The books are CE tested and machine washable. We designed our own simple strong branding and and packaging in the form of a cute pop up card gift box. It's lightweight too so makes a perfect gift to pop in the post. 

As well as being a great new product for babies it is also a great sensory toy for children with special needs. My 10 year old niece Meredith (pictured in the centre) loves them. Although she cannot see the books she finds them easy to grip and loves the sound of the crinkle. An all round great product!

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