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A-Z of MUSIC - First Words

A-Z of MUSIC - First Words

SKU: 978-1-7384258-8-4

Nursery Times Crinkly Newspaper. A-Z of Music. Version 1, as it's bound to be a hit! One for the parents too! 6 pages of fun illustrations of some of your favourite artists and musicians old and new. Who's your favourite? Dimensions approx:  30cm x 20cm. CE tested and machine washable. A practical, lightweight cloth book with crinkly pages. A great sensory toy. A unique gift. Each newspaper is packed in a gifting envelope to add 'To' and 'From' and a short message.


    A cute cloth book for babies with crinkly filled pages. 30cm x 25cm approximately. Machine washable and handmade using safety tested materials. 


    I will gladly accept returns or exchange. Ship your return within 14 days of delivery. 


    We ship from UK to UK for an additional £2.10. We can also ship outside the UK, simply email for more details. We can usually fulfill your in 2-3 days. However during busy times it can take from 7-10 days maximum.

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