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My First Crinkly Newspaper

A cloth book for babies cleverly created by Jo and Nic to look and feel like a little newspaper. A six-page crinkly cloth book with simple
rhyming text and cute illustrations.

The range includes a selection of early
learning themes including words, rhyming text, counting, alphabet,
languages, colours, animals and more.
Content is fun and we try to keep it all
gender-neutral. With over 40 titles to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Suitable for babies aged 3+ months, newborns and a perfect book for toddlers to pack in a backpack. The tactile crinkly pages also make it a great product for children with special needs or visual impairment. Designed and created by us and made in China. CE tested and washable.

Each book packed in its own card envelope which packs flat making it the perfect gift to pop in the post. We also do gift boxes and personalised newspapers!

Pay via PayPal or Credit Card.

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My First Crinkly Newspaper
Each crinkly newspaper comes packed in its own card pack. There is a printed tag on the back where you can write To and From. Makes the perfect unique gift.


Personalise it...

Many special keepsake memory

books are stored out of reach of children in a safe place but are often forgotten about...

So you can now personalise one of our Nursery Times crinkly cloth newspapers that can be enjoyed by everyone, every day!


The perfect memory book gift for a baby's first year. It's light, washable and easy for babies to hold and they can engage and familiarise themselves with the photos of themselves and family members. A special tactile book that can provide some reassurance for toddlers who are attending nursery for the first time.

Simply select 15 of your favourite photos and details and email them to us along with your payment.


Then leave the rest to us...


A bit about us...

We are Jo and Nic, two friends who met working in a children's books publisher in Bath. Now, both self-employed working mums have built a business from scratch. Since our launch into retail in February 2018 we have created, illustrated, designed, written over 40 titles in the range. We've built a brand and
a website and sold our product direct to over 90 of the best independent shops in the UK and also in the USA, Chile, Peru and Ireland. We do all the extra little bits as well, like packing, delivering, market trading, marketing, social media and accounting. In between all this, we have our busy family lives with general everyday routines. We are loving and learning every bit of it. Many of our customers and stockists are doing the same which is why we all support each other.

'I can honestly say, I'm not ambitious and lack confidence.
So I would never have imagined that I'd ever been running my own business.
Never say never!' JO


I'm Jo Joof. I grew up in Sunbury on Thames and worked in London. In 2000 I relocated to work in Bath and then to Frome in 2001. I'm a self-taught illustrator and designer with many years of experience in children's book publishing. I love thinking up new ideas to fill that gap in the market with something new and interesting.
Being a mother of five artistic girls aged between 
8-20, I'm never
short of a bit of inspiration and help with photography and social media skills. 
Click on the link below you can see the other work
I have done...


I'm Nic Moore, an illustrator and designer who grew up in Essex and now live in Bristol. I too, have many years experience in children's book publishing. I love all things pattern and always on the lookout for the next up-cycle challenge. I have one daughter also, to add to our inspiring team. Click on the link below to see the other work I have done...

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